How To Get Into Stand Up Comedies

If you are the type to tell jokes at every social gathering you may want a career in this field. Furthermore, this may have even been suggested to you by numerous people in your social group. However, we understand that breaking into this field is not as easy as it sounds. That is because there are numerous individuals just like you out there. Thus, just like you, they are also looking for their big break. But there are steps that you can follow to better your chances. Unfortunately, these are steps that many of you are unaware of.

Get On The Stage

No matter where you live there must be a stand up comedy Sydney show nearby. If this is for amateur artists it is ideal for you. That is because this is the best way for you to learn how to perform in front of an audience. You need to understand that without this experience you cannot succeed. That is because the more you perform the better your chances are of honing your skills. Therefore don’t procrastinate any more. We know that you can come up with countless reasons for not getting on the stage. But you can never know which jokes would work until you start performing. Therefore the first thing that you need to do is get on the stage. Furthermore, don’t even think about limiting yourself to one venue. Instead, strive to perform everywhere and anywhere you can.

Don’t Be Scared Of Being Horrible At It

As I mentioned earlier there are numerous comedians Sydney. Therefore breaking into this field is not easy. But we know that you would be scared of being bad at it. However, keep in mind that everyone was bad at this one point or the other. The only way you can improve yourself is by performing. Therefore don’t let this fear stand in your way. Furthermore, you should not let the lack of laughter deter you. Instead, you need to use this to motivate yourself to get even better. Before you get on the stage understand that it is alright not to bring down the audience every time. Even if you cannot get one laugh during the first couple of times you perform that is alright. That is because each time you perform you would learn something new. You would learn which jokes work and which don’t.As a comedian understand that you have a challenging road ahead of you. But with these tips, you can strive to be successful and make a name for yourself.