Hosting Your Party And The Basic Pricing Options

There is plenty of advice on the net when it comes to finding the right venues, but the actual advice with regards to pricing is hard to come by. This is usually because venues have different packages and facilities, however, there are a number of common fees shared by most venues. If you need some help figuring how to pay the venue, then by all means, proceed on below!Venue Hire FeeAs the name suggests, the venue hire fee is the basic fee for hiring the venue. This often does not include any additional amenities or facilities, but is simply the flat price for hiring the party venues Adelaide. There are certain venues, however, that are willing to include additional services in this basic fee. For example, if you are planning to host a meeting or the like, there are venues which would include an afternoon tea or a light brunch for snacks as well. Other necessities, such as whiteboards, projectors, etc. may also be included. Make sure to ask the specific hall what they exactly mean by the venue hire fee – or you might end up paying for unnecessary extras.Minimum Spend (F&B Minimum)Plenty of venues, such as birthday venues offer catering services. If you inquire, you might find that these types of venues provide an additional type of facility in the form of minimum spend (also known as the F&B minimum, or the food and beverage minimum). To simply explain what this means, a minimum spend is a specific amount of money that has to be spent by every guest that attends the function. By opting for this facility, the party hosts can avoid bearing the entire cost of planning the function (the venue hire fee, and probably other additional catering fees) – it basically shares the costs of the party by letting every guest pitch in. The minimum spend fee is often a minimal amount, so make sure to ask the venue if they offer this service if you have a tight budget.PackagesPackages are basically inclusions of various amenities. As opposed to hiring every individual facility separately, packages allow you to save money by giving you a discount for hiring the services included in it. Most often, packages come in the form of popular celebrations or parties – you might have seen the common wedding packages and birthday packages. Of course, it is entirely possible to hire the venue for a wedding celebration without resorting to a wedding package, but often, the cheaper option is to rely on this handy packages.Daily Delegate Rate (DDR)The daily delegate rate (DDR) is very much similar to the minimum spend – it allows you to charge the guests, as opposed to the host bearing every cost. The difference is that the guests won’t be paying for any food or beverages, but for the venue and services that will be hired. This form of payment is very common when it comes to business meetings and conferences.